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How Lawren Jewelry Box Got Started

 Lawren Jewelry Box was originally started in 2015. It was a simple idea which turned into a business overnight. The first couple of  months in business were not so successful; I could not figure out how to attract more customers and gain internet sales. The first year in business I did a lot of  vending and jewelry parties. This helped my business tremendously I was able to determine my target market. I also gained some great advice from seasoned entrepreneurs. Lawren Jewelry Box than went on hiatus for a bit. During that time I decided to develop some new marketing  strategies. I decided to start selling on Poshmark which has been very great for me. At first it was just  a way for me to get rid of clothes I no longer wore and inventory. I realized the reselling community is huge and I wanted to be a part of it. I realized  that people love gently worn one of kind vintage pieces and modern pieces. So over the past few months I decided to revamp Lawren Jewelry Box and add vintage jewelry and accessories from the 60,'s 70's , 80's, and 90's, Each piece is picked and thoroughly cleaned before selling. I think vintage pieces are very chic and timeless. Modern pieces will still be carried as well but vintage has now been added. I hope you all  will follow me on this wonderful journey I have big things in store for LJB... Stay tuned!